Bible in a year: Deuteronomy 7:1; 8:20, Luke 7:36-8:3, Psalm 69:1-18, Proverbs 12:1

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1. Don’t birth what you are not prepared to nurture; everything that you give birth to under God requires nurturing. Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to nurture this thing to what it is supposed to be under God? Whatever you give birth to that you are not prepared to nurture will kill what already exists. 

2. Your gain in life is inside that divine equipping God has put inside you, find out about it early.

3. Establish your purpose in business; your purpose is to help people, not to make money. If your purpose is to make money, you will violate many moral laws. There is a difference between a Christian in business and a sinner in business. If your purpose is to make money, you will cross lines that will destroy your conscience.

4. Start small: Job 8:7(KJV) “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase”. It says should, not shall; hence, you have something to do about its great increment. If any pastor starts any ministry with more than 5 people or comes to have 5,000 (five thousand) members after one year, then that pastor has stolen the people from somewhere. The little days are the days that God allows you to build stamina for the days ahead. The kingdom starts small, don’t be intimidated by the size, it is so you can master the trade.

Start small, but think big! Let your thinking be as big as the vision you saw before you set out. God will give you a bigger vision than the current life you have, so think as big as your vision’s size, but start small. Also, think in the direction of the kingdom; anything of the kingdom is global, international, and generational. The challenge however is that most people are mediocre. Your thinking determines how you work.

You must accept responsibility for what happens in your life personally. You haven’t started failing until you find somebody to blame for what happens in your life. 

Prayer: Lord, I receive eyes to see greatness and increase in every small deposit of the kingdom in my life. I receive grace to work the process and become what you designed me to be in Jesus name. Amen.