Bible in a year: Judges 4:1-5:31, Luke 22:35-53, Psalm 94:1-23, Proverbs 14:3-4

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Understanding the functions of a destiny will show you what you really need from your destiny father when you meet him. It will also help you maximize your linkage to him:

1. Helps you identify your hidden destiny: Not every eye can see what is hidden in the lives of people. A foundational mark of a destiny father is that anointed eye and divine ability, to see hidden destiny of individuals that ordinary people cannot see. It’s a destiny father’s eye that sees beyond people’s problems to the purpose of God for their lives. Mordecai didn’t see Esther as a burden because she was an orphan. Taking Esther as his own daughter shows us he saw her in her destiny.  A destiny father keeps working on you until you are accurate in all things.

2. He names you after your destiny: A father and mother named their child differently; his mother named him after her sorrow but his father named him after his destiny. Most things that people will know about you are around your circumstances but you destiny can be opposite of that. With a name like Benjamin, that tribe produced the first king of Israel and other notables including Apostle Paul.

The same person can mean two different things to two different people. You must relate with people that will name you after your destiny and not after your problems, mistakes, or your circumstances. Don’t settle for any name different from your destiny. Deliberately join yourself to your destiny father so you can know what God has called you before you were born. Gravitate towards people that will accept you in your purpose and not tie you to your problems or circumstances.

Prayer: Lord, I ask that my path and that of my destiny father will cross speedily in Jesus name.