Bible in a year: Jeremiah 44:24-47:7, 2 Timothy 2:22-3:17, Psalm 94:1-23, Proverbs 26:6-8

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There are two sets of people you will meet as you move to fulfil your divine purpose. You must take note of them to know how to relate with them:

1. People that have the name but they don’t have the life.
2. People that have the life but they don’t have the name.                 
Somebody that has the name, maybe that is how God has created them, e.g. somebody that is always in the forefront or always has the popularity among his siblings. If you want to make it in life and become somebody, don’t go to the man that has a name in life to teach you, go to the man that has the life. The man that has a name without a life, if he is not careful will eventually lose that name. The man that has the life, sooner or later, men and God will add a name to that life. Don’t let a man with a name that is not building the life stop you that has the life to press into a place that the name will be added. The lesson from the text is that you should mind what God has given you. The problem of the man that had one talent was envy. Envy makes you question the wisdom of God. No man has the authority and the right to intrude into divine wisdom and judge God’s allocation to someone else. What God has given you is what He will judge you over not someone else’s. Jacob blessed the last born Ephraim with his right hand instead of Manasseh because he sensed a greater allocation on the younger one in the spirit. Ephraim’s allocation was to be greater but Ephraim did not manifest that destiny. In Revelations, Ephraim’s name was missing from the last record of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The record of the Bible is that majority of human beings with greater allocation from heaven ended up lesser in life. The brothers of David had names that even their father respected them more than David. The prophet did not think of David. David did not look kingly. Yet God did not give us power to ‘look like it’ but He gave us power to ‘become it’. So, start out immediately and become all that heaven called you to be. If you are one of those selected few that came from heaven with a name, let the desire of God be fully manifested in your life by adding a life on time. Paul had a name and when he became an apostle, He took the life. If it is a life, it is only a matter of time, the name will be added.

Prayer: Father, help me to build and live a life to fill the name you have called me in Jesus name. Amen.