Bible in a year:  2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14, Romans 9:1-24, Psalm 19:1-14, Proverbs 20:1

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In continuation, the leader ordained for you:

(xi) Has developed the faith that will finish your assignment. Heb. 13:17.

(xii) Has the commanding assignment/vision that contains or influences your own. Acts 7:46-47

(xiii) Has the supernatural file to sharpen your dull axe: Not only to sharpen you when you are dull, they also have eyes to see the missing ax head and ears to hear the hollow sound of wood on wood and help you to find it.  2Kings 6:1-10. Eccl. 10:15. Here, when the ax head fell, the young men could have been pretending by hitting the trees with ordinary handle, but godly leaders know when you are not okay spiritually and they can help you retrieve your lost ax head.

(xiv) Brings order and meaning to your life. They bring PACE, FOCUS AND DRIVE to our spiritual engine. They introduce you to the processes of God for your life.

(xv) Has the strength and depth to correct you for excellence. Heb. 12:5-12.

(xvi) Often carries the pioneer’s anointing you need –to starts what you will finish.

(xvii) Is often a conqueror in the field you are to be more than a conqueror. They remove the mystery from the key issues of life for you.

(xviii) Knows you in your purpose not just in your problem:  Most times majority of the people will only know and define you in your problem but key leaders in your life will know you in your purpose and see through all the problems to your purpose.

Prayer:    Father give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of yourself to recognize and know how to relate with the leader you have ordained for me.