Bible in a year: Job 23:1-27:23, 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11, Psalm 41:1-13, Proverbs 22:5-6

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Yesterday, I explained to you some of the negative concepts of promotion. Today, I will continue on other negative concepts people can have about promotion.

3. Thinking that promotion comes through your taking up of responsibilities as a stepping stone to the top. You must get rid of this wrong concept of promotion and God will find you promotable. God will not promote you simply because you are taking up responsibilities as important and noble as this is. Your heart may be wrong and you may be doing the right thing.  God is primarily interested in the state of your heart.

4. When you think that promotion comes because of academic training or accomplishment. Many churches today promote academic accomplishments above the anointing and this wrong. It can give you a Church that is smart but not sensitive. We need men that have the authentic touch of heaven upon their spirits because they are the ones that can actually introduce you to God. Sadly, today, education is replacing the anointing and paper certificate is replacing intercession.

5. Thinking that promotion comes because you are next in line. This has destroyed many churches today in our country. It has destroyed organizations because God can lift you above the queue. God promotes you because you are chosen not because of your place in the queue. David was promoted to the throne even though he was the last born.

6. Thinking that promotion comes because of strong inner ambition that drives a person to the top: The difference between a vision and ambition is that vision comes from God and not man. This is the central difference.

7. If men take credit for what God has done. God will use people but would delay your promotion. If you will give the credit to who God used or if the person would want to take the credit. God will wait until this is dealt with. He will not share his glory

Prayer: Lord I receive divine adjustment of heart, mind and attitude towards my promotion. I repent of every wrong idea and negative strategy and I receive your help in Jesus’ name. Amen.