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THE LIVING JESUS MINISTRIES is a ministry directed at the building up of the body of Christ worldwide. In 1984, God commissioned His servant, Rev. Olusola Areogun to go and show the world that Jesus is alive and teach believers how to operate in the life of God in them. The ministry started as a missionary organization in 1984, reaching out to villages and planting churches ( then called Redemption Faith Churches) in stack virgin lands. This became a great opportunity for a lot of youth to train for ministry.

In 1988, God spoke to his servant to conduct city-wide special healing services in different towns where believers were taught on victory over sin, sickness and poverty. In 1990, he began to hold Believers Bible Conference in major cities in Nigeria , where various churches come together to receive light from God’s word. Ministers’ sessions were highly attended by various ministers of the Gospel. This lasted for about six years. When the church arm took off in 1989, November, God told him to raise people as an oasis of life and power of God in their world.

Further still in 1996, he was taken in a vision, where he stood before the Lord with other servants of God in this country where each person was being assigned for destiny appointments to their generation. When it was his turn to pick from a basket, he stepped out and picked a paper with this bold inscription “COMMITTED TO HELPING MEN REALIZE THEIR GOD-GIVEN DREAMS IN LIFE!” Starting from Ilesa and going forth to touch the globe, God is working through his servant to create platform for multitudes (sons and daughters in the house) for their destinies through the nine departments of the ministry.

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