03 Oct 2021 : BE A THERMOSTAT CHRISTIAN – Matthew 5:14-16

Following on from yesterday’s devotional, the second category in the human classification is the World Class group. World-class simply means it meets a certain level of superior standard anywhere in the world. Understand that the first position that a Christian takes on the planet is a world-class position. A world-class citizen is not dominated by his/her environment. Real Christianity dominates the environment. 

Years ago, the Lord showed me in a vision, a particular instrument that just raised the temperature of the environment to its own temperature. I didn’t know what it was until I went to check. I said, “What’s that?” The Lord said, “That’s a thermostat. A thermometer is different from a thermostat.” I said, “What’s the difference?” He said, “A thermometer reads the temperature of its environment, while a thermostat raises the temperature of its environment to its own temperature.” That is what Christianity is supposed to be. A Christian is not a thermometer to reflect the temperature of his environment. If you are a pastor that lives in a place where men are polygamists, will you become a pastor with three wives? 

A Christian is a thermostat of God that takes his environment to his own level. If you will qualify for God’s end-time army, you must carry the spirit, the posture and the attitude of world-class citizens and engage in the practices and the behavior of Kingdom citizens.

PRAYER: Lord, help me not to be dominated by my environment but to be a standard-setter anywhere I find myself in Jesus’ name.

BIBLE IN A YEAR: Jeremiah 1:1-2:30, Philippians 4:1-23, Psalm 75:1-10, Proverbs 24:17-20

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