28 Sep 2021: THE LAW OF RECEIVING (2) – Genesis 8:22

You will need to find the work necessary for each of these seven physical channels of God’s blessing to your life and do it.

In our church, different people that are not in full-time ministry do different things. Two of our leaders are responsible for designing and supervising construction of church buildings. They are not rewarded with salaries for church design and supervisory work; that is a seed they are sowing.

When God wants to bring a harvest to those leaders, He will bring offers and opportunities to them as the harvest of their seed. The day I visited one of them in his house, I said, “This is a mansion”. In fact, people in his area thought a politician owned the building. The other leader at another time said he has so many job offers but didn’t have time to execute them. The two leaders must recognize those opportunities as harvests of their labour in church and should go after them to obtain their blessings.

So, if God brought your harvest for obedience; He is going to move through men, but you have to give him the platform through any of those seven earlier mentioned areas.


Now, your job is a predictable channel that already has a fixed way of rewarding you through the salary. Some places of work don’t increase salaries except after every three years.

If that is the only channel that you have in your life, you have limited God’s blessing on you to every three years. So now, if God moves and brings an instruction to you to start a particular business, he wants you to give Him the room to bring your blessings into your life. What determines how much God blesses you is now your effort to make that business work.

PRAYER: Father, I will engage in the necessary work to experience your grace upon my life, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

BIBLE IN A YEAR:Isaiah 54:1-57:14, Ephesians 6:1-24, Psalm 70:1-5, Proverbs 24:8

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