27 Sep 2021: THE LAW OF RECEIVING (1) – Genesis 8:22

The other side of giving is receiving. When you sow, you reap; there is seedtime and then harvest. However, Christians need to understand that receiving from God and the kingdom of God comes through physical channels. 

When a person with kingdom assignment (example: pastor, evangelist, etc.) and another without such assignment obey an instruction in the church to do something, when God wants to bless them, it will be different. He may bless the man of God by moving people to give to him but he will bless the other person through physical channels.

One of these physical channels through which God brings your receiving is your work. This is very important. It implies that if you don’t have work, you have essentially shut yourself from God’s supply to your life.

Note these seven areas of work. God can channel your rewards for giving through any one or combination them:

• Your callings
• Your job
• Your skills
• Your talents
• Your gifts
• Your grace
• Your relationships


Your callings are primarily about a portion of ministry that God has committed to you, along with the graces that accompany it. As you take hold of grace to delve deeper into the river of your calling, the enlarged scope will often bring harvests into your life. Callings are, of course, not about making money and you must never have money-making as a motive when you’re involved in the things of the calling, but you should also not reject the harvests that God sends your way on account of your obedience in your calling(s).

PRAYER: Lord help me recognize the physical channels of your blessing in my life. Help me to take advantage of them to profit.

BIBLE IN A YEAR:Isaiah 51:1-53:12, Ephesians 5:1-33, Psalm 69:19-36, Proverbs 24:7

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