29 Sep 2021: THE LAW OF RECEIVING (3) – Psalm 1:3

Now that you have recognized your job as one of the physical channels to experience the blessing of the grace factor on your life, let’s quickly look at some other channels:

What special skills do you have outside of your job? Everyone can learn a new skill. In church, we have a clear instruction for people to acquire a new skill regularly every 6 months.

Do you have unexpressed talents? An ability to sing, to talk or facilitate events as a master of ceremony? Is there an artistic vision or technical ability that comes to you naturally? That is part of God’s provision for your life. Explore it!

Do you know that you have a gift from God? This is not talent; talent is inherited from your parents. Gifts are from God; special anointing that drops on you giving you unusual ability in certain fields of human endeavour. You are allowed to exercise and explore the opportunities that they bring to you. For example, David could play musical instruments under the anointing and heal King Saul’s depression.

Relationships can be vital sources of financial flows. Introductions can lead to contracts, distribution deals, source of clients, etc. Do an audit of your relationships for dormant values and you may find that you are probably not fully leveraging the financial flows that are possible from your relationships. You should intentionally take advantage of this channel of financial flows.

PRAYER: Father, open my eyes to recognize and explore every channel of Your blessing in my life. Amen.

BIBLE IN A YEAR:Isaiah 57:15-59:21, Philippians 1:1-26, Psalm 71:1-24, Proverbs 24:9-10

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