24 Sep 2021: THE LAW OF GIVING (2) – Romans 12:2

You need to consciously examine your giving philosophies. What motivates your giving? Do you give by the knowledge of your revelations or do you give culturally to satisfy some inner feelings? Someone that gave a birthday gift or a wedding gift to his friend may be motivated by the friendship or other social reasons like giving to receive gifts in return. What is your reason for giving?

Now, when it comes to the kingdom of God, your motivation for giving should be your revelation of who that receiver is and what giving to such person releases into your life.

If you will maintain a life of giving, there must be inflow and outflow of blessing; as the inflow of blessing comes and it causes a supernatural atmosphere upon what you are doing naturally, it brings the extra factor of grace on your natural abilities. When that inflow of grace comes, there must be an outflow. God does not only bless you, He blesses you to become a blessing.

For example, If you have a company that is making millions in yearly revenue, who else is benefitting from this revenue, apart from your obligations to your employees and family? An obligation is not a matter of generosity.

If a man has a need, another man has a grace, and another has a seed. The man with the seed can sow his seed to benefit from grace but the man with the need will not.

PRAYER: Father, I commit myself to fulfil all my obligations and obtain much grace in every area of need in Jesus’ name.

BIBLE IN A YEAR:Isaiah 43:14-45:10, Ephesians 3:1-21, Psalm 68:1-18, Proverbs 24:1-2.

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