10 Oct 2021: DANIELS GET THEIR MANDATE CORRECTLY (1) – Daniel 2:17-23

There is an insidious agenda that the devil is projecting these last days. It is a plan that the devil is not the enemy of God but the substitute. This is one reason why God hates witchcraft. God hates witchcraft because witchcraft is designed by the devil to be a substitute. The devil’s goal in being an enemy of God is to become a substitute of God to men.

Do you think God wants a substitute for Himself? He didn’t make the earth for the devil to substitute Him. So the Daniels are men and women that are irrevocably committed to displacing the devil wherever they meet him, and that’s what God is raising them for — they are to introduce God wherever God has been rejected or ejected.

Why do you want to become a multibillionaire? God wants you to be wealthy so that among business movers and shakers of a state, they cannot do anything without calling you to the meeting. Because your voice carries such authority, you tell everybody to hold on and insist on prayer before the meeting starts. That’s the reason why God wants to put you there; not that you are surrendering to somebody that is lesser than you physically but stronger than you in the spirit of the devil.

Daniels are men that are physically and spiritually strong. But what the devil wants is that a half-witted idiot should take the place that belongs to a divinely ordained child of God. God designed true Christianity, the Kingdom life, to be the perfect solution to man’s needs on the earth. But through our carelessness, the devil is making it look like occultism is a better substitute.

PRAYER: Father, I receive strength, physically and spiritually, to fulfil the Kingdom’s mandate and to bring answers to men’s questions on the earth.

Jeremiah 14:11-16:15, 1 Thessalonians 2:9-3:13, Psalm 80:1-19, Proverbs 25:1-5

Beloved of God,

Greetings of love in Jesus name.

I am glad to inform and invite you to the upcoming 47th ALL NATIONS' WOMEN CONGRESS on world evangelization.

DATE: OCTOBER 22-24, 2021.
TIME: Friday (5pm-8pm), Saturday (8am-2pm), Sunday (8am)

It’s a special Question and Answer time + mentoring clinic on the practical side of women that are heavily involved with the moves of God and deep operations of the Holy Spirit these last days!
*Relationships & Associations
*Business and economic development
*Career advance
*Domestic affairs- housekeeping and all
*Marital issues
*Emotional healing and stability
*self grooming, poise & physical appearance
*Advanced self education
*Fitness and Health plans

VENUE: Dream Centre HQs, Osogbo , Osun State. Nigeria.

Great encounters awaits you in God’s presence!
Be there! all things are ready!
Jesus is Lord!

Rev Oyenike Areogun

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