29 April 2024: LIVING BY THE DIVINE PRINCIPLES OF FAITH (3) – Acts 8:29; Luke 5:3-4

Principle 4 – The Vehicle for the Incredible
You must recognise when the vehicle for your destination shows up. For some, it is a particular ministry; for others, it is a business, friendship, Church, an assignment, an instruction or a program. Your vehicle can be secular, and it can be spiritual. For instance, before you went for evangelism, you never knew that God could open the eyes of the blind, but as you fulfil that assignment, you were confronted with the practical reality of laying on of hands, and you saw results; that is ministry.

God can set you up in an anointed partnership like Jesus and Peter in Luke 5. For Jesus, He needed a place where He could teach the gospel to a group of people, and Peter agreed to sacrifice his boat for Jesus’ use. The partnership with Jesus rewarded Peter with more results in his fishing business than at any other time in his career. Much more than that, he entered becoming a fisher of men with Jesus, not just remaining a fisherman. That moment of Jesus asking him for the use of his boat was his vehicle to the incredible.

You must be sensitive to the vehicle that God has prepared for you to take you to your glory land. That vehicle will also determine your speed and outcome in life.

Once you identify the vehicle and you access it, your experience will change.

PRAYER: Lord, I will not miss my divine vehicles into the incredible experience you have for me. I will recognise those moments and respond accordingly. Amen!

Judges 9:22-10:18, Luke 24:13-53, Psalm 100:1-5, Proverbs 14:11-12


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