24 Dec 2021: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR DIFFERENCES – Matthew 19:3-6, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

You must understand the law of differences. Recognising your differences and taking advantage of it will make your union to become stronger. Our true strength is actually in our differences as husband and wife. Don’t allow your differences to separate you; rather let it make you stronger. Stop making your spouse look stupid for his or her opinion; you are not designed to see things the same way. A wise leader will take advantage of differences and not use differences to separate.

I have seen the wonders of God in how He matches couples. He matches two people together, such that the husband is strong where the wife is weak, and vice versa, so that they cover up for each other. A third party will not see any weakness but strength. Husbands and wives must learn how to cover up for each other; cover your spouse’s weakness so that it is only the strength that shows.

The wisdom of the Ancient of Days always matches us to complement each other. We should take advantage of each other’s strengths. He wants to eliminate weakness from your life so He joins you to somebody strong where you are weak. So, if you are the kind of person that never acknowledges that anything is wrong with you, you think you are a perfect person who doesn’t need anybody’s contribution, you will remain weak and you will remain small. So, appreciate your spouse.

Understand that we are different from each other. Don’t let differences separate you, differences are allowed of God in creation to make us stronger.

PRAYER: Help us to take advantage of our differences to produce strength in our marriage. Amen!

Zechariah 6:1-7:14, Revelation 15:1-8, Psalm 143:1-12, Proverbs 30:24-28

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