29 December 2023: THE MARRIAGE UNION AS AN OMELETTE (2) – Matthew 19:8; Malachi 2:15

Yesterday, I started discussing with you the marriage union. I got to an important question: WHY DID YOU MARRY EACH OTHER? Today, we will complete that and move on to some other points.

I was in a Christian gathering to minister some years back, and the Lord asked me to find out from people why they married their spouses. I was surprised and wondered why such a question, but the Lord told me it was going to provide answers to the challenges those people were having in their homes. By the time I got their responses, not a single person was married for love or divine purposes in that Assembly. A man said he married to continue his family name. If the wife of such a person doesn’t give birth to a male child, it becomes a major issue. One said he got married because he was tired of house chores and he needed someone to help him out with that. That means he married a housemaid, not a wife.

There are different reasons people go into marriage. Socio-cultural reasons were why some got married. That is, the man or lady was getting old and needed to settle down on time. You may need to find out from your spouse why he or she married you, and that may settle some things in your union forever because the original reasons will affect your journey and behaviour in marriage.

2. HOW DID YOU START? You also need to find out the answer to this question. You can either start as strangers or as friends.

Most Christians start their relationships as strangers. Unbelievers, however, have better marriages than Christians at times because they usually start as friends. Even if you started your relationship as strangers, to have a victorious marriage, you must become friends. I pray that every married couple reading this will convert to friends if you are not. Friends always enjoy each other. As Christians, you have the foundation (that is, God led you to each other), but you must become friends so you can sit down, talk, and enjoy life together.

PRAYER: I declare today that I will enjoy my marriage and not endure it, in Jesus; name. Amen!

Zechariah 14:1-21; Revelation 20:1-15; Psalm 148:1-14; Proverbs 31:8-9

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