27 Feb 2022: AVOID APPLYING BRAKES INTO YOUR LIFE – Proverbs 6:2; 1 Kings 20:31-34

There are three critical things you must take heed to and have control over to avoid applying brakes on your life – the mouth, tongue and words. You can put breaks on your life by the utterances that come out of your mouth. Some parents have applied breaks on their children’s progress by agreeing with the teacher’s negative words.

In Nigeria, people make statements like “Nigerian roads are death traps”. If you said “yes”, you could die on the road someday. When you see a driver heading on to face you at top speed, you turn your steering wheel to avoid him. When somebody comes to you and says, “Do you know Nigeria is in trouble?” He’s a bad driver. Just avoid him with your steering wheel.

Don’t joke about dangerous things. Some couples joke with each other, saying things like “My dear, your belly is protruding; you better be on the lookout for diabetes”. Suddenly, two years later, the husband is battling diabetes. And they will not be able to trace it to that innocuous, innocent-looking discussion. There’s no provision for jokes in the spirit; words are words; cancel it if you do not want it.

You are trapped with the words of your mouth. Some forces in the spirit are diligently observing your mouth to see what will come out of it so that they can act on it. Beloved of God, those things you say in the heat of passion of joy or anger carry greater weight and speed for manifestation.

PRAYER: Everywhere I have been trapped by the words of my mouth, such that I am limited, hindered and defeated, let there be a divine release in the name of Jesus!

Leviticus 20:22-22:16, Mark 9:1-29, Psalm 43:1-5, Proverbs 10:18

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