Value the “make me” season of your life because it won’t be forever. There will eventually come a time that the Maker will be through with you, but let it be that you have been made. If you neglect your “make me” period now, you will sometimes in the future painfully come back to say “make me” like the prodigal son who came to tell his father to make him a servant. Those who yield to their “make me” season now will hold the future over the “give me” shouters in the future.

Your “make me” season may seem difficult, tough, and ugly, but going through will make you tough and ready for the future. Your “make me” period is the season in which structures are fixed inside you that will preserve, increase, multiply, and maximise you in the future.

External growth must not be your priority. Internal growth – growth of your mind, spirit, and soul – must be your goal.

It is a season to be disciplined. Let every experience you go through in this period be a moulding session for you under God. Let not your eyes be on the goods like the prodigal son; let your eyes be on training. Seek to get stronger in your spirit and your character.

The “make me” season of your life is when you settle spiritual issues and virtues. It is the time you deal with the inner man’s work of strength and character. Check out your life now: are you being made? Or are your eyes on the goods?

PRAYER: Father, I receive grace to go through my “make me” period effectively. Amen!

1 Samuel 15:1-16:23; John 8:1-20; Psalm 110:1-7; Proverbs 15:8-10
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