15 Feb 2022: BANK ACCOUNT VERSUS FAITH ACCOUNT – 2 Kings 4:1-4

God never looks at your bank account, He looks at your faith account. That is why many people have cut themselves away from great experiences of God. They kept looking for money and ended up enthroning money above other things. Don’t make money a god when God did not make it one. Money is a tool and there are many things that God will do for you that you wouldn’t need to spend money on. You ought to be gathering faith, not just money. Thank God for money, but your pursuit should be faith when dealing with God.

To the woman, she had nothing, just a bottle of oil but the man of God said, “Go and borrow thee vessels from your neighbours, empty vessels, borrow not a few.” He specifically said borrow not a few. That means, borrow “plenty”.

One bottle kept filling one vessel after another. The sons were doing that until the room was filled with buckets of oil. And then she asked them, “Bring another bucket”, they said, “There is no more bucket,” and the oil stopped. The Bible didn’t say the oil finished, it stopped. The miracle power of God will stop at the point where your obedience to the instruction of God ends. Look at what happened there: the oil stopped. The issue is this, the woman, not God, determined how many buckets of oil she had from the miracle.

When you are dealing with God, you will need to stretch yourself to explore all the opportunities that the Word of God will open to you. When you step into the supernatural, there is no limit to what can happen. You, not God, determine how far you go into the supernatural. Once you break into that realm by the Word of God, the sky is not the limit but the right hand of the Father where Jesus is seated. 

Are you ready to go that far?

PRAYER: I receive faith to break into the supernatural in the name of Jesus.

Exodus 39:1-40:38, Mark 1:1-28, Psalm 35:1-16, Proverbs 9:11-12

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