07 July 2024: RUN THE DEVIL OUT OF YOUR LIFE! – 1 JOHN 4:4

Don’t tolerate the devil in your life. Anytime you are praying and fasting, take the opportunity to ensure that you run the devil out of your life totally. Don’t give him any more room to fester and flourish in your life either directly or indirectly.

There are 5 attitudes you could have to the devil:
1. Tolerance for the devil
2. Rebuke the devil
3. Bind the devil
4. Flee from the appearance of evil
5. Ignore the devil

Two attitudes you must not keep towards the devil because these are dangerous attitudes:

  • Don’t tolerate him: If you give the devil a seat in your life, he will take the steering wheel from you. So don’t tolerate him in any form, whether in temptations, acts of the flesh or little acts of indulgence.
  • Don’t ignore the devil: If you do, you will suddenly find out he has destroyed key and major things in your life.

So, whenever you see the devil in your life, don’t ignore him. Identify what he is doing and fight him.

Beloved, watch out for anywhere the enemy is hiding to operate in your life and rebuke him or bind him and flee from every appearance of evil. There is a place to rebuke the devil and there is a place to bind him. There is also that place of fleeing from his appearance. Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife when the devil came upon her to tempt him. This was what Samson failed to do with Delilah and he was afflicted by the enemy.

PRAYER: The devil will not have a place in my life. Amen.

1 Chronicles 4:5-5:17, Acts 25:1-27, Psalm 5:1-12, Proverbs 18:19


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Dearly beloved,

Greetings of love in the Name of Jesus

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Come, all things are yours! Come, all things are ready!

Jesus is Lord!

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