21 March 2024: CATCH A REVELATION OF THE COVENANT – Psalm 44:1-7; Genesis 14:14-16

Very few of God’s people down through the ages have been covenant conscious like God wanted them to be. Your understanding of God must be increasing as you walk with Him. As you follow Him by faith, your faith begins to be proven by the word of God. God gives you a promise when you don’t have any proof that it will happen, so you have to step out in the dark as it were. When that promise comes to pass, you come into knowledge, and your revelation of Him becomes clearer.

You cannot be fully persuaded about something that you have not proven or tested. You must move beyond belief and enter the experience to fully grasp that the word of God is true. What God has said in His Word is a fact, as much as two plus two equals four. You must come to a place that you do things based on revelation. You may be in a situation that you have nothing physically on your side today, but if you have God on your side, you have got everything in your future.

And if you have everything physical on your side today and God is not on your side, you don’t have a safe future.

David confronted Goliath with the revelation and experience he had in killing the lion and bear. But many times, we go through the process of God without learning God in the process. God proves Himself in different situations; however, many do not see that it was God, so they lack revelation, and nothing seems to change in them.

PRAYER: Lord, I will not be blind to your workings in my life. Baptize me with the spirit of revelation to understand your workings more in my life.

Numbers 32:1-33:39, Luke 4:31-5:11, Psalm 64:1-10, Proverbs 11:22


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