We have seen how claiming the promise while you allow God to choose the answer and investing in your spiritual potency are key to enhancing your awareness of realities in the spirit realm and guaranteeing divine answers as you walk by faith. We will move on to the third point today.

3. Know your corresponding action of faith
God is responsible for the fulfilment of the promise because He is the Giver of the promise but you must stay in faith. Saying things like, “God, I don’t know whether I will get married” because you are growing in years and still single is not how to stay in faith. Your mouth and your action must be correctly aligned.

From the illustration of the brother I gave you on Day 23 of this Devotional, can that brother go and pick a wedding date? No! That is where people get in trouble. On the action of faith in doing the Word of God, you can only go as far as it is legally possible for you to go. Anything beyond legal boundaries is foolishness and presumption. So, the brother cannot choose a wedding date yet.

When it concerns actions of faith, you must know what they are not. In dealing with this subject in finances, a person that issues a cheque with a figure on it and gives it to somebody that he owes money, knowing that he has no money in his account is fraudulent and can be jailed for that.

It is not legal for that brother to set a wedding date but he can design a wedding programme or decide on the number of groom’s men he wants. Those actions are perfectly legal and are consistent with God’s work on the case. Your actions must be within the confines of legality and possibility. At any point in time, if the brother speaks wrong or acts wrong, the process will stop. There is however a process that starts as soon as you act in faith. As soon as prayer is offered for you, as soon as hands are laid on you for healing, as soon as you say “Amen” in faith, you must move into actions that are consistent or corresponding to that truth and reality in the spirit.

PRAYER: Thank You Father for this truth. I receive the help of the Holy Spirit to act in line with all Your promises to me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Judges 4:1-5:31; Luke 22:35-53; Psalm 94:1-23; Proverbs 14:3-4

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