02 Apr 2022: UNDERSTANDING THE TWO ASPECTS OF FAITH IN THE BIBLE – 2 Timothy 4:7; Ephesians 2:8-9; Hebrews 11:1; Romans 10:17

When you see the word “faith” in the Bible, it speaks of two aspects of the Christian life. Firstly, it is the set of beliefs a person must have before he/she can be called a Christian. Secondly, it is the release of power or the ability of the substance that God puts inside a man that connects his natural life to the power of God.

You can be very excellent in the set of beliefs but lack the substance of faith that connects your life to the power of God, and that is what leads to confusion. Imagine somebody that is accurate in his belief system, may even be a professor who has gone through seminary and has a degree in Theology, but knows absolutely nothing about the substance of faith that connects a man’s life to God’s power. When something bad happens to such a person, it is disappointing to people around him that his result in life is not different from the person that doesn’t know God. So, people wonder why that is so because they cannot see the difference between him and the person that doesn’t believe in God.

You have to be proficient in these two aspects of faith. In another instance, you may find some people that are good in the substance of faith but are very weak in their belief system. Therefore, it’s good for you as a Christian to be balanced in your understanding. The truth of the matter is that you will get to heaven if your doctrine is correct but you will not enjoy your living on the earth if you don’t understand the subject of faith. So, we must have that balance constantly.

PRAYER: Lord, I come against every attack of the enemy targeted at my Christian faith and my ability to release the substance of faith within me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Deuteronomy 21:1-22:30; Luke 9:51-10:12; Psalm 74:1-23; Proverbs 12:11

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