14 Dec 2021: MARRIAGE IS A PROJECT (3) – Ephesians 5:33; Proverbs 14:1

Why you married will lead you to how you started; as friends or strangers. The marriages of most born-again people started as strangers but can go in two directions; downward or upward. This transition here is a major foundational transition. God told you who to marry, but you didn’t know her before. This is why some unbelievers actually enjoy marriages more than Christians: they started as friends before they married and even have nicknames for each other. On the other hand, a Christian couple still calls each other ‘Bro’ and ‘Sis’ after three children.

The advantage of God telling you who to marry is that it gives you a rock-solid foundation; you can always go back to the fact that God led you to that person. You didn’t make a mistake, and you can work together.

Unbelievers can discover they made a mistake in their choice of a spouse, but they are friends. So, the first transition is from strangers to friends; if you don’t make that transition, you will only be trying to work it. Marriage is exciting, but it is work. You may be two Christians in a marriage, but there are physical sides of marriage that you must enjoy.

Conflict will make you stronger, understand, respect and love each other. It will help you to know what to give and what to avoid. If you haven’t known that, then you don’t know your spouse. Your relationship with your spouse will get stronger if you find out what he/she hates and likes.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, help me to be sensitive to the needs of my spouse. Help me to know my spouse better to build a successful marriage.

Jonah 1:1-4-11, Revelation 5:1-14, Psalm 133:1-3, Proverbs 29:26-27

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