09 February 2024: JEHOVAH JIREH – THE LORD OUR VICTORY – JEHOVAH-NISSI (1) – Exodus 17:8-16

Today we will consider one of the names of the Lord Jehovah-Nissi, which means The Lord our Captain, The Lord our Victory or the Lord our Banner. This name covers whatsoever need that you require, no matter the circumstance, whether you need victories in battles, protection from danger or deliverance from difficult situations.

There are different battles a man can face in life; they may be spiritual, physical and social battles. These battles are real and are against human existence. Enemies are real, and they will look for you even if you don t look for them. Your progress in life will threaten somebody such that he becomes jealous and envious. Even the devil is threatened and afraid by the pursuit of your destiny and God-given dreams in life. He wants to stop your destiny, and he will use human beings, systems, situations and circumstances to fight you. Before the battles of life show up, it is important to know the name of the Lord relevant to victory.

If you will have victory in the battles of life, you need the involvement and partnership of God.

Human expertise or strategy cannot win the battles of the world. It was what Moses was doing by the instruction of God that made Israel prevail over the Amalekites, not the skillfulness and efforts of Joshua on the battlefield. Human strength cannot win in the battles of life (Eccl 9:11). The Lord our Captain has the strategies to win battles, he has never lost any battle, and he can never lose. He has defeated the devil and conquered him. If the Lord leads you into battle, you can be sure that you will win.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive divine involvement and partnership in my life, my outcome in life will not be lesser than normal.

Exodus 29:1-30:10, Matthew 26:14-46, Psalm 31:19-24, Proverbs 8:14-26

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