24 December 2023: CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN MARRIAGE (1) – Amos 3:3

Conflict resolution is the effective management of differences to achieve the best for the union and the future. It is the inability to manage differences effectively that leads to all forms of challenges and problems in marriage. You need to first embrace differences in marriage. It is the beginning of failure and trouble in marriage when couples start comparing their spouse with another person or their marriage with another marriage. Every marriage has a specific purpose to fulfil under God and couples must recognise that. We will need to work on our differences and peculiarities for this eternal counsel and purpose of God to be fulfilled.

Don’t look for an alternative to your spouse. Many times, couples always want to find an alternative to their spouse when they are having misunderstandings at home. Always resolve your conflicts and differences on time as a couple. When problems are not resolved on time, they grow bigger and become more difficult to solve.

Conflicts are inevitable in marriage. They will always come, but you need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to resolve conflicts when they arise in marriage.

Conflicts will arise because both of you come from two different backgrounds. You haven’t known your spouse well until you know the lines you shouldn’t cross with him/her, that is, what turns him/her on and off.

Effective conflict management in marriage helps us to develop resilience and makes us have a life of continuous marital victory. It is not being a Christian alone that gives you victory in marriage; it is your submission to the Holy Spirit. That there will be challenges is a forgone conclusion; it will happen again and again over the course of your marriage. However, God wants us to resolve these conflicts as they arise in marriage.

PRAYER: I open myself to the wisdom of the Ancient of days to have a victorious marriage here on earth. Amen!

Zechariah 6:1-7:14; Revelation 15:1-8; Psalm 143:1-12; Proverbs 30:24-28

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