24 July 2023: GOD MADE YOU A SPEAKING SPIRIT – Genesis 1; Mark 4:39; Mark 11:22-23


Today, we are going to look at the law of words because biblical Christianity is active, full of words, and not silent. God has built a voice-activated system into creation, and you cannot have biblical Christianity without words. My years in the ministry have proven that once I get people talking right, everything begins to take shape in their lives. Once people’s confession aligns with their actions by talking right, they come up with the testimony of positive results. Even though the devil has not retired, they are now rightly connected to the law of words because we a living in a voice-activated universe.

Jesus slept peacefully during stormy wind, but fear pushed his disciples to wake him up and He spoke to the wind to still it (Mar. 4:39). Similarly, look at the connection between Mark 11:22-23.

God’s power is not in the prayer but in what you say.

Years ago, when we first got to the location of our church’s current headquarters, some of our pastors are aware that I would come to the church, lay hands on empty chairs, and call forth members to sit on the chairs. So, when members are added to us according to Acts 2:47, I am always glad because that was the result of a process.

You must know the scope of the jurisdiction of your mouth. Witches can wish but you can command.

PRAYER: Father, I thank You for making me in Your image and likeness as a speaking spirit. Holy Spirit, help me to use this authority for my good and not against myself in Jesus’ name. Amen!

2 Chronicles 11:1-13:22; Romans 8:26-39; Psalm 18:37-50; Proverbs 19:27-29

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