17 July 2023: THE LAW OF WORDS – Matthew 6:30-31


Everything in creation responds to words. Out of all the creation of God, man is the only one that has the privilege to share in His authority to use words. He created man to be a speaking spirit; to rule, dominate, control, and operate by his words. The first line of attack of the devil against us is to get our words against us. Everybody already operates by words but most times, we are operating against ourselves.

People attribute occurrences to seasons. For example, someone says, “My lips crack every time there’s harmattan”. That is a word that will work against that person. In fact, you can defeat the devil halfway by simply keeping quiet. One way the devil gains access into the lives of people to mess them up is through their souls. He can do this through thoughts, reasoning, or imagination. Sexual pictures are the strongest pictures that control the imagination of people. A young man who saw a sexual picture when he was ten years old may still be battling with it at sixty. The devil comes in through the channels of thoughts, reasoning, and imagination. Listening to a demonised man reasoning against God can capture your mind until you begin to doubt whether God exists or not.

Words give life to thoughts.

In our text above Jesus said, “Take no thought, saying…” (Mat. 6:31). Your words will birth thoughts, which could either be a demon that is pretending to be a thought or communication from the Holy Spirit. You have accepted a thought and will give birth to it once you say it out. An unspoken thought will die unborn. You can beat the devil by keeping quiet, no matter what the thought is. Never speak out negative thoughts.

PRAYER: Dear Holy Spirit, please, teach me to be conscious of my words and help me to maximise the law of words to my advantage in life, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

1 Chronicles 24:1-26:11; Romans 4:1-12; Psalm 13:1-6; Proverbs 19:15-16

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