The best decision you can ever make is to be born-again, to make Jesus your Saviour. But after that, the next best decision is to make Him the Lord of your life. Really, it is not only your best decision; it is your last decision.

For some Christians, it takes a long time from when Jesus becomes Saviour before they make Him Lord.  But for Paul, he made Jesus His Lord, the same day Jesus became his Saviour. That is the reason why he was such a great Christian. He said, “…Lord, what will You have me do?”  (Act. 9:6)

Because of that decision, Paul replaced Peter in the plan of God. Though Peter had had a three and half years of relationship with Jesus before Paul, he didn’t do as much as Paul did. Peter never overcame arguing with the Lord. He argued with Jesus while He was physically present with them. He debated with Jesus about going to die on the cross. After Jesus died, he argued with the Spirit of God to minister to the gentile. He said, “…not so Lord” (Acts10:14). 

You will notice from Acts chapter 1 through chapters 9, Peter was the central figure in the move of God, but after Acts chapter 9 to the end of the book of Acts, Paul became the central figure in the program of God for the church. Peter still fulfilled his ministry but he never said he finished it. 

The ministry of Peter was to the Jews and Paul’s ministry was to the Gentiles. In today’s world, take a look at the effect of Christianity on the Jews in Jerusalem, and the effect of Christianity on the gentiles in other parts of the world outside Jerusalem. You will clearly see who had the more successful ministry between Peter and Paul.

PRAYER: Jesus, I will not delay in making you Saviour and Lord over my life. Come to rule and reign. Amen

Genesis 20:1-22:24, Matthew 7:15-29, Psalm 9:1-12, Proverbs 2:16-22

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