1b) Learn when to learn: For you to be a good learner, an important thing you must learn is when to learn. There are seasons in your life that are most appropriate for you to learn and there are other times when it is not appropriate to learn. Learn when you are down, when you are rising in life, when you fail, when it is not convenient; when you are angry is another good time to learn.

1c) Learn where to learn: You learn everywhere. Train yourself to learn everywhere. In every situation, ask yourself, ”what am I learning from here? What lesson am I to learn from this person, from this situation or from this event?” Go through life as a learner; stop going through life as an earner, someone who wants to take something from people. It is better to sit down with people and ask what you can learn from them. You can learn from a stupid person when he doesn’t learn from you. So learn everywhere, every time and from everyone. 

Most people enter certain levels of life without any learning to handle it. God doesn’t promote you until you have learnt what will be needed where you are headed. God arranges learning settings for you. You will always find yourself in a learning context somewhere in your life. You must decide to be a learner in that learning context. The greatest call on you as a child of God after being born again is to be a learner. This is because a learner is the person that is becoming something. You cannot become anything tangible if you are not learning something somewhere. 


PRAYER: Dear Lord, help me to learn correctly as you bring me across fathers and tutors in life and destiny. Amen! 
BIBLE IN A YEAR: Ezekiel 23:1-49, Hebrews 10:18-39, Psalm 109:1-31, Proverbs 27:13