I want you that know that you will eventually become what you are looking at now. Whatever and whoever you are consistently looking at or looking on today is what you will become tomorrow. Your vision today is critical to what you can and will become tomorrow. 

If you keep looking at the wrong things and continue to see yourself in the wrong light, you will become that wrong picture. God gives visions and dreams to give you a picture and image in your spirit so that you will keep looking at that and eventually become what He has purposed for you. 

The devil also gives people strange dreams and visions to pervert what they should become under God, but you can always cancel such negative visions and dreams. Keep looking at the God-given dreams and visions you have received from God; receive them, activate them, keep seeing that God-ordained future in your spirit and nurture it until it becomes a reality.

Joseph had dreams from God. He kept those dreams in his spirit and nurtured them until his brothers came to bow to him according to his dream. Beloved, do you have dreams and visions from God? If you don’t, pray to God for one.  Take decisions with vision in mind as Joseph did. Receive training for it and you will eventually become what God has ordained you to be. 

Look unto Jesus, look on God’s servants before you, and look at God’s dreams and visions for you. Don’t look at ladies’ chest and backs; you will only become an adulterer that way. Look at pure things and your destiny will become real.


PRAYER: Father, help me to keep my gaze on you Lord. Amen.


BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 2 Chronicles 6:12-8:10, Romans 7:14-8:8, Psalm 18:1-15, Proverbs 19:24-25



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