Bible in a year: Genesis 1:1-2:25, Matthew 1:1-2:12, Psalm 1:1-6, Proverbs 1:1-6

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Welcome to year 2015 Divine. I believe this is a good way to start the Spirit Meat – by connecting to the prophetic flow and birthing forth our prophetic portions. There are realities of things that have been given to you by divine prophecy from the Lord. They are yours from the Lord and this is the year for them to begin to come into divine manifestation. Below are some of the prophetic things. Receive them and pray them into your life one after the other.

1.    Prophetic moments
2.    Prophetic positions
3.    Prophetic allocations: men, women, materials and money. Receive them into your life.
4.    Prophetic priorities
5.    Prophetic emotions, attitude and moods. You will not be angry on the day that God is coming for you. You will not have the attitude of pride in Jesus name.
6.    Prophetic assignment. Both the ones you are given directly and indirectly that connects you to prophetic flows.
7.    Prophetic catalyst. It could be an act, an item or a person.
8.    Prophetic instructions.
9.    Prophetic alliance. You will not be alone. You will not walk in demonic alliances in Jesus name.
10.  Prophetic alignment. Everything in your life will correctly align with your prophecy in Jesus name.
11.  Prophetic sensations. Your sensation will determine your safety and even the safety of people around you. You will be sensitive and be able to interpret prophetic sensations well in Jesus name. God is going to move you into the office of a savior and your sensation will play a key role in it.
12.    Prophetic zones. You will not operate in the demonic zone. When you operate in the prophetic zone, curses become blessings. So, pray that you will operate in the prophetic zone in the new year.

Prayer: Lord, I receive these prophetic things into my life in Jesus name. I receive full manifestation of my prophecies in Jesus’ name. Amen.