THE POWER OF FAITH (2) - JOHN 11:17 – 44, MARK 5:25 – 34, HAB. 2:4, HEB. 11:6

Bible in a year: Obadiah 1:1-21, Revelation 4:1-11, Psalm 132:1-18, Proverbs 29:24-25

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When you are in faith there is nothing too late. Men may say it is too late but once God has not said so, your faith will bring God on the scene on time. Lazarus was dead four days and Martha told Jesus that the body was stinking already. He replied saying, “didn’t I tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” They decided to believe and they saw the glory of God.

When you have a word from God, you already have more than a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, a banker, a governor or a president’s word, you have God’s word!
Faith takes you into a realm that crosses the lines where the doors are shut to the experience, expertise and abilities of man. You don’t need a big faith to get a big miracle; all you need is a little faith in a big God to get a big miracle.

1.      Long term problems bow to the power of faith
The longer a problem dwells in the life of somebody without solution the more it reduces every natural resource. The only thing that can rise up effectively against long term problems is the power of faith.
2.       The duration of the problem does not determine the duration of the solution with God
One of the tendencies we have as men is to think that because a problem has lasted long, it will take God that long to solve it when you are dealing with a long term problem that refuses to respond to natural solutions. Jesus said, “Your faith”. That means that everybody that has faith today can have the same experience. You have no right to accept that a case is hopeless. There are genuinely hopeless cases but once faith gets on the scene, the matter is no more hopeless and you as a child of God must know what you have.

Prayer: Father, help me to exercise my little faith in You so I can experience my desired miracle in Jesus’ name. Amen.