Bible in a year: 2 Samuel 9:1-11:27, John 15:1-27, Psalm 119:49-64, Proverbs 16:1-3

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You can connect to the flow of joy through singing, laughing and performing other acts of joy. Many times you may be in an unpleasant circumstance that the enemy is engineering around, but the life of God in you is powerful enough to dominate it. Paul and Barnabas were put in jail, they were beaten, tied hand and foot, but the Bible says in the middle of the night, they began to sing, pray and to worship God. 

Many Christians today have been cut off from the protective shield of eternal life because they gave their mouth over to complaints, grumbling and murmuring. When Paul and Silas yielded to joy and began to praise God, there was a manifestation of the anointing of God breaking through from the spirit realm into the physical.  What brought the manifestation of the power of God and the glory of God was the fact that they connected themselves to the joy of the LORD and the joy of the LORD lifted their faith to connect to the power of God which brought about their deliverance. The life of God inside them was bigger than that prison. 

I don’t care what prison the devil may have put you as a child of God; it may be the prison of sickness, social circumstances that are negative, troubles all round you, prison of a bad marital situation that appears hopeless, the life of God inside you is bigger than that. If only you can yield to that life and bring it out on the surface through the release of joy, it will change the whole situation altogether. Joseph did not allow himself to get into bitterness and he never allowed negative thoughts to take root in his heart. He walked in joy, faith, power, favor and increasing promotion all the days of his life because he understood this principle.

Prayer: Father, I repent and receive deliverance from every bitterness and negative emotions I have allowed in my heart, help me to connect  to the flow of Joy no matter the situation I find myself. I receive the victory that you have wrought for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.