Bible in a year: 1 Kings 8:1-66, Acts 7:51-8:13, Psalm 129:1-8, Proverbs 17:1

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It does not matter where you are presently on the ladder of life, even if you are at the bottom, God can get you to the top. One of the covenant promises that God gave the children of Israel is that they will be the head and not the tail. God told them in Deuteronomy 28 that they will be above only. It is still the covenant position of the Lord for all His children today. One of the things that the Lord specializes in doing is taking a man from the lowest position in life and making him the head. God specializes in taking a man from nothing and making something out of that man. Take for example:

i. Joseph, a three times-sold slave. God took him and made him a prime minister in a foreign land.  

ii.David, a shepherd boy. God took him from following the sheep and made him the king of Israel. The one that the prophet and the family head did not give a chance became the one that God lifted on high.

iii.Ruth the Moabitess widow from a cursed and alienated country and genealogy. God took her and made her one of the ancestress of Jesus Christ.

iv.Rahab, a notorious and popular prostitute in the heathen city of Jericho. God turned her life around and made her a “great great grand- mother of the Lord Jesus.”

v.Saul of Tarsus, the notorious, injurious, persecutor and self-acclaimed waster of the Church of Jesus Christ. When he encountered God, his life was turned around and he became one of the greatest Apostles that ever lived. He single-handedly wrote one-third of the entire New Testament portion of the Bible and God by his hands shaped the future of the Church.


Men, Satan and circumstances of life may not give you the chance to get to the top, but if you will partner with the Lord, He will get you to the place He has ordained for you at the top. If you look at the people I have shown you, you will discover that the common point to all of them was that they partnered with God. Make up your mind today that you will partner with God and He will turn your ashes into beauty in Jesus’ name.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that you will give me grace to partner with you so that I will get to the top you have destined for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.