Bible in a year: Job 1:1-3:26, 1 Corinthians 14:1-17, Psalm 37:12-29, Proverbs 21:25-26

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The word of God frames our world. It is proven to work and will always deliver God’s result.

7.The word of God in your mouth sets the Kingdom of God in motion for you and around you. It brings angelic activities to come into play around your life. When you keep quiet, then the devil moves around you to perpetuate his activities, but you can shut them down and enjoy the forces of the Kingdom of God.

8.The word of God in your mouth reverses the effect of the fall of man in your life. One of the effects of the fall of man is that we eat from the sweat of our face but under the blessing we can work without stress and struggles. It is the confession of your mouth that brings you into the blessings of the new life. What you attack you can never attract, but you can use your mouth to attract the blessings of God and experience heaven on earth. You can frame your life with your mouth, frame your experience and determine your positive outcome life. This does not remove the curse on the earth but keeps it away and brings you to a life of divine exemption.

9.Your confession changes your condition to your position. Your position is a product of your regenerated life in Christ Jesus while your condition is what is happening to you. Most times your condition is not always the same as your position rather they are in conflict. You have to call it forth and act according to your position in Christ Jesus. So many people are defeated in life because they allow their condition to determine who they are. You can never succeed in life if you settle down believing your condition without looking at your position. Your position is where your victory lies. What you speak and confess today is what your children and children’s children will eat from later in life.

10.It determines the cycles of your life. There is a wheel of life cutting across lineage. The counsel of God for us is to stop the curse and start the blessing. What you walk in is what you can bring your seed into.

Prayer: Father I bring my life and experience under the divine flow. I shut down every cyclical evil flow that has been initiated by wrong and devilish words spoken over my life and I declare the full counsel of the father over my life and experience in Jesus’ name. Amen.