Bible in a year: Exodus 2:11-3:22, Matthew 17:10-27, Psalm 22:1-18, Proverbs 5:7-14

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There is a circle of destiny that God marks out for each person. Nobody will be held responsible for the remaining aspect of that circle that you refuse to maximise and take charge of if you restrict yourself to just a part of the circle. God will work upon your spirit, a new degree of faith will rise up within you and you will begin to expand and fill the room that God has created for you in Jesus’ name.
There is an expansion that you must make room for in your life. There must be a change. Sometimes, the change is an expansion or increase and sometimes it is a change of direction that God brings to move an individual from level to level thereby eventually filling the circle of destiny. Everything you do is because of what is written of you in the volume of the books– that should be your focus. Many people are living minimized lives; it is time to expand to fill the circle of your destiny. Your relationship with God is what will boost that expansion. You must make up your mind to have a personal time that you fellowship with God on a regular basis. Many people are too weak to rise up and do what God has planned for them. Many people are too dull; the light in them is too little so they can’t fill wider circles for God in their day.

There is a way you work upon your body to serve as a tool – a good tool for God – because once the body packs up, that’s the end and there is nothing that can be done on earth again. You lose your legality to live on earth. Don’t do just anything with your body– it is God’s tool. You need to be strong for your destiny to happen. Exercise regularly and keep your body fit. When you are fasting, do it properly but when you are not fasting, eat healthily.

Develop your spirit. Be a complete human being: spirit, soul and body. Some people have a developed body but the mind and spirit are minimized. Some have developed spirits with washed out minds and body. Money is a tool but it shouldn’t be your Lord. Everything that God brings into your hand or life should be maximized as they are tools of your destiny. May the Lord depend on you in Jesus name.

Prayer: Lord, help me to recognise the extent of the circle of my destiny and give me grace to extend and fill up this circle of destiny for me. May I not be wasted in my generation in Jesus’ name. Amen.