Bible in a year: Genesis 8:1-10:32, Matthew 4:12-25, Psalm 4:1-8, Proverbs 1:20-23

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There are three (3) major ways you can address God in your life and each of these point to the degree of intimacy and the nature of your relationship with the God.
1.    The LORD Thy GOD
2.    The LORD Our GOD
3.    The LORD My GOD

Saul the first King of Israel, related with God through other people and not personally. It is not because of the devil or God; it is because of the flesh. We give undesired advantage to the devil when we build relationships with God through other people.

Intimacy is not a gift but a reward. You don’t work for a gift but for reward. Intimacy is a reward for loyalty. You will destroy your life if you bring into your circle of intimacy someone that has not paid the price of loyalty. God wanted the entire nation of Israel after leaving Egypt to be a family but they didn’t pay the price for it.
Who is God to you? Is He a corporate CEO or a Father? You can have a functional relationship with God or an organic relationship with God. It is a functional relationship when you just want gifts from God but it is organic when you want God Himself. What are you building your relationship with? With what God gives or with Who God is? The first thing that God offers us is Himself. You will get all gifts from God if you have God as the ultimate gift. The greatest things of the kingdom happen to those that pay the price for intimacy.

Everything that God does and everyone that God walks with is a signpost to Himself. If you stop as a signpost, you miss all the benefits of Christianity. The life of such believer will not be different from Old Testament saints or a complete sinner. The Lord God is a shepherd but is He your shepherd? Until God is personal to you, you are not intimate with him yet.
God knows exactly why you are seeking Him, men may not know. It is possible to have things from God and not have Him! Seek God for His’ sake, if you have God you will have everything that God can give.

Prayer: Father, I pray for a fresh revelation of loyalty to you and intimacy. This year 2015 I am asking that you will help me to draw closer to you and abide in your presence all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.