Bible in a year: Genesis 11:1-13:4, Matthew 5:1-26, Psalm 5:1-12, Proverbs 1:24-28

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There will be two kinds of ministers: those that will minister the letter and those that will minister the Spirit. Be careful not to expose yourself to the ministry of the letter. The outworking of the New Testament should produce more glory than Old Testament ministry. In correct perspective, we should not see Old Testament as glorious if something is not wrong with our outworking of New Testament ministry.

All the ministry of Old Testament is for men to worship from afar. The New Testament brings intimacy. There are differences and distinctions in the presence of God. All the Israelites were only permitted to worship from far while Moses alone was to come nigh. It is possible in the New Testament for men to also worship God from afar, may be because of something in their lives. It is possible to build a relationship with the voice of a person that has left the scene. Some Churches have a fragrance or scent that makes them appear as if God is with them but God has left their midst. It is the desire of the devil to replace God and our flesh wants that. The easiest and most acceptable replacement for God is the Man of God. The purpose of Christianity is to remove all veils. All other things apart from God are veils.

Representative experiences mean that a father will represent his sons and a pastor will represent his flock in the spirit. Whatever manifests in the representation whether positive or negative will be downloaded to the seed. Every wise adult should investigate the choices that your parents made over you and vote for or against it. You must understand this law of the spirit and use it to your advantage. You can choose again if the effects are not positive. The choices that the Jewish parents made during Jesus crucifixion saying, “the blood be on us and our children” is traceable to all atrocities against the Jews till date like the mass executions of the Jews by Adolf Hitler.

Likewise, in Adam, everyone died and only the way out of that eternal death is Jesus. Turning to the LORD is the highest expression of intimacy in which every veil is removed. Every believer must be clear about things pertaining to Christ in the scriptures. You can be in Christ and not connected to Him. Intimacy with God is like the consummation of marriage by two legally married couples. It is in intimacy that there is divine impregnation of divine ideas, graces and cooperation with the workings of God.

Prayer: Lord, I open my life to the ministry of the Spirit and not of letters. I receive the fullness of the doings of the Lord and I choose life and Christ’s inheritance for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.