Bible in a year: Genesis 13:5-15:21, Matthew 5:27-48, Psalm 6:1-10, Proverbs 1:29-33

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“….The just shall live by faith” is the general statement but “the just shall live by his own faith” brings it to the personal level. When God said to man in the book of Genesis that in eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would die; the real rendition actually says, ‘‘in dying, you will die”. This means that from the instantaneous death of their spirit nature, their physical body too will eventually die. Your body is physical but your body will not survive by living on bread alone.  However, physical life is not the real life. Everything good or evil available to your physical life is sustained by a spiritual force. That something looks alive or physically active does not mean it is alive, or healthy. Just like a branch just plucked out of a tree is dead though it still appears healthy, it is dead and in its disconnection from the tree, it will eventually dry up! If you are not connected to God by faith (spirit), you are dead and you will eventually dry up. Once the devil succeeds in separating you from your faith (spirit), he will eventually separate you from your answer.  You will get to a place that you won’t be able to get anything from God.

Secondly, everything that the devil gives or does is sustained by a demonic force. The bridge between the physical life and the satanic realities is fear. The quality of life that the just will have access to is determined by his faith. Nobody should ever say God loves another more than him or her as the amount of the love of God manifested in your life is a function of your faith. The Bible separates the human race into two: the just and the unjust.
Thirdly, God has prescribed the way that you are supposed to live as the just on the earth. God already knows that everything that will exist on this planet will come under the influence of the devil. So, for the just, God has prepared a way to live above the influence of the devil – faith.

If anything is available on this planet or possible on this planet, you can get it from two sources; either from the devil or from God. Hence, people should not just share the end part of their testimonies but also what they did and what happened for them that led to the testimony. It is the process to the outcome that determines who you got it from. Anything for a Christian is warfare on this planet, and the price is your soul. Faith is the divine equalizer and it will get you what only divinity can access.

Prayer: Lord, I receive an impartation of the spirit of faith to live daily on your provision. Lord, help me to grow and feed my faith life regularly in Jesus’ name. Amen.