Bible in a year: Genesis 16:1-18:15, Matthew 6:1-24, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 2:1-5

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The devil has so organized the world in such a way that it favours unrighteousness and Christians that don’t understand the law of faith as the only way to access what God has prepared for us, fall victim of the devil’s traps. Life under the devil is never as good as life under God.

You can stay in Nigeria and have access to the blessings of God that someone overseas cannot access. Every department of your life must be connected to God through that bridge of faith; else your life will not work. Your faith is what makes you unconquerable and gives you experiences that are superior to that which the devil and the world is offering you.
Too many people desire the products and the effects of faith without mastering the process of faith. The process of faith is demanding but it is the fruit of faith that makes the process of faith worth it. There is a battle against anything that concerns a Christian. The battle is not because we are a disadvantaged people but because the devil is after anything Christian. Therefore, the Christian is not permitted to relax, he is constantly at war against the devil; the only Christian that is allowed to relax is the Christian that has gone to heaven. God has given you angels to assist you as long as you live in His will.

Rom. 1:17 – “… from faith to faith...” There are levels in faith and there are dimensions of faith. You cannot bring the faith of a lower level of life to a higher level of life and this is why the Bible talks of from faith to faith. Unbelievers operate at a no-faith level; every believer begins with a measure of faith given at new birth. You are therefore responsible as a believer to grow that measure of faith.

You can have the divine and natural, demonic and natural; but you cannot have divine and demonic (light and darkness do not coexist). As your faith grows, your dependence on natural things begins to reduce. Your faith is to your spirit what air is to your physical body. You do not impress anybody with your faith as you cannot impress anybody with breathing air. So, don’t compare yourself to another person, give yourself room to grow.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for grace to build my faith and grow the measure I have received from the Lord so that I will experience the divine and less of the natural in Jesus’ name. Amen.