Sonship is caught, it is not taught. Sonship is the process by which the forces of the Kingdom of God come upon and flow into human life. Sonship is that thing that gives you training and preparation. The truth is that the Kingdom forces that make destiny happen only come and flow towards right sonship. 

Sonship can be in two sides: Wrong sonship and Right sonship

Your sonship is the degree to which you are responding correctly to fathering and the demands of God-ordained father on you. How well you respond to God-ordained fathering will determine how much force of destiny will flow into your life to make it a reality. 

Elisha had the right sonship in his life. He followed Elijah as a son and when he saw his father being taken away, Elijah’s mantle fell on him and he had a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. He caught the spirit of sonship, no one taught him. David also was a man who caught that spirit. He was so much of a son that his father could send him to his brothers on the field, his father’s flock was also safe in his hand and care, and God chose him to be king over His people. Inheritance belongs to sons only.  

Separate from everything that connotes wrong sonship, such as disobedience to instructions and rebellion. Just accept the structure and fit in. Elisha fitted himself into Elijah as a son and his destiny to carry double portion came to pass. Make sure the sonship spirit comes upon you. May that right spirit come upon you in Jesus’ name. Amen.


PRAYER: I will not fail in my sonship in the Father’s house in Jesus’ name. Amen.


BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 2 Chronicles 11:1-13:22, Romans 8:26-39, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 19:27-29



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