Bible in a year: Exodus 28:1-43, Matthew 25:31-26:13, Psalm 31:9-18, Proverbs 8:12-13

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To enjoy the benefits that the morning brings each day and all through life, we must be aware and willing to do what it entails to take the wings of the morning. It is in our giving attention to do those things that we can enjoy those benefits.
1.    The wing of the morning is a divine offer. So you must set a definite hour of the morning and condition your body to wake up early.
2.    Enjoy the presence of God thoroughly, don’t rush it. Bask in His glory; let the fragrance of His glory wrap around your spirit, soul and body as you step out each day. Take time early in the morning to wash your feet in the word of God. The blood of Jesus has washed our spirit and our soul; we are responsible to wash our feet every day in the water of the word of God. Eph.5:26, Heb.10:22.
3.    Receive God’s instructions for the day, write out your dreams. There are two kinds of dreams: revelation dreams which gives insight to matters and issues that you may be dealing with, and practical dreams which are highlights of things that you are to do.
4.    Have at least 3 or 4 cogent things that you plan to carry out and finish each day. List them out. At the end of the day you should be able to point to definite things that you achieved. 
Attend to life with a vision, stop responding to problems alone. Make sure you attend to what you wrote out. Great people write out their schedule in the morning. Don’t be a helpless passenger in the vehicle of life; take the steering wheel early in the morning.
5.    Never wake up complaining. Open the door for joy early in the morning. Joy comes in the morning, and it does come each day. Do joyous acts; shout, and sing early in the morning. Don’t let negative feelings be used to describe you. Laugh, dance. Never start a quarrel or receive one early in the morning. Even when you are provoked, do joyous acts. Watch out for those who attack your morning hours and move away from them.
6.    Deliberately roll all your cares to God every morning. Every new day comes with hopes not cares. Cares come with memory of past, hope comes with the vision of the future. 1 Pet.5:7.

Prayer: Lord, I receive the grace to maximize my morning and take advantage of your provisions for my destiny to manifest in Jesus’ name. Amen.