Bible in a year: Malachi 1:1-2:17, Revelation 21:1-27, Psalm 149:1-9, Proverbs 31:10-24

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 Your life is a divine strategy and at every point in your life, you must pray that you understand what God is working in your life. There are people in your life that will be confused but you must not be confused. He gave us the Holy Ghost as our guide and assistance through the divine process of working out divine strategy. You must be sensitive to this act of God so as not to abort divine strategy and you need to ask for the revelation of your season and moment. Certainly, your word will become flesh just as the word and prophecy of Isaiah went ahead of Jesus and in John 1:14, that word became flesh and He manifested. There is a word behind your life that is stronger than the devil and the situation you find yourself. The angels that came to Jerusalem and the wise men that heard of the King of the Jews that is to be born were all mobilized by the word that was sent ahead of Jesus. There is also a word supervising your life and affairs, this word commands divine help and assistance for your sake.

It will take a miracle for a child of God to fail under God. In fact you have to work outstandingly hard to fail. This is because there are angels, divine attention and resources being deployed for you. Since the word of God and the blood of Jesus do not fail, then it becomes a miracle for you to fail. Helpless people are in that state because they are blind to the solution. Anytime you meet people needing your help who are in a divinely orchestrated shame, you must not make jest of them but help them.  Anyone you are divinely positioned to help, do it with joy as they may be going through a temporary process of shame that is a divine setup to the top. The brother of Joseph didn’t have to fight him but they were blind to the divine strategy of God.

Anytime you meet people with a divine vision, make sure you help them as this is another form of the divine strategy of God. God does not do big things through big men; He hides great things in small people. If you despise the small and young people around you, then you are set to miss divine strategies and provisions. As you meditate during this Christmas season, you should understand that your life and everything around you are products of divine strategies.                                                                                      

Prayer: Lord, I ask for the revelation of your divine strategy and purpose for my life and situation in Jesus’ name. Amen.