HOW TO ACCESS ANGELIC ASSISTANCE - Hebrews 1:14, Psalm 103:20




1. Be born again. Salvation is your ticket for angelic assistance. They only minister to those who will inherit salvation. 

2. Acquire knowledge of the word of God. They only obey the word of God and any instruction that is in line with the will of God. Angels cannot carry out any negative confession. They are the ones who execute your commands of faith. 

3. Recognize Spiritual Authority (1 Cor. 11:10 NKJV, Jude 9). This is one area many believers fail. We talk about spiritual authority figures the way we like as if we were the ones who appointed them. Until you realize that angelic ministry on your behalf is contingent upon your recognition of spiritual authority, you will not enjoy their ministry much. To submit to God means you submit to the ordinances of spiritual authority.

4. Holiness. Angels will not recognize a believer who habitually lives in sin. Zechariah 3 tells us the story of Joshua clothed with filthy garments. Not until the garment was changed by divine command could the angel speak. 

5. Do the will of God. It will be impossible for anyone to enjoy the best of angelic covering and service if you habitually rebel against God. Angels are commissioned by God to help us carry out the will of God in all areas of our lives. Seek the Holy Spirit to lead you in His will and you will enjoy their ministry. 

When you have fulfilled these steps, then you can begin to INSTRUCT the angels in your case. Instruct them on what you want them to do for you. You will enjoy some mysterious breakthroughs.


PRAYER: Father, I ask that You make Your will always clear to me so I can locate myself in the centre of it always.


BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Leviticus 14:1-57, Mark 6:30-56, Psalm 40:1-10, Proverbs 10:11-12



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