How well can the Lord move in your life? You are the only one that can determine how well the Lord will move in your life. And how well the Lord will move in your life will determine the degree of glory that will shine through your life. If it is impossible for the Lord to move in your life at all, no glory will shine through even though you belong to Him.
God wants a way to walk and work in your home, church, marriage, business, and every other area of your life but how easy is it for the Lord to move? There are churches where the Lord can’t move because they don’t include Him in their programme; they are just a gathering of human beings doing their own things even though they call on the name of the Lord.
“Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His path straight.” What kind of path does the Lord have in your life? Is your life still a jungle, mountain, hill, or river that has no defined path for the Lord to walk through as described in Isaiah 40:3-5?
Allow the Lord to bring low every mountain and fill every valley in your life. Allow Him to make every crooked path straight and every rough path smooth. His is the path we are making. We are commanded to make a way for Him in our lives, ministries, families, businesses. Who is the road engineer in this context? The road engineer is you and the Holy Spirit.
PRAYERSweet Holy Spirit, begin a quick work in my life that makes the operations of God in me easy and fast in Jesus’ name. Amen!
BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 30:1-31:16, Matthew 10:1-23, Psalm 12:1-8, Proverbs 3:13-15