Dearly beloved,
Greetings of love in Jesus Name.
You are specially invited to the upcoming Anointed Feast Of God for Men: Annual God of Breakthroughs Convention (GOBC) 2019 with the theme: 


Date: 30th June - July 7th  2019 (Sunday - Sunday).
Time: 6am-8am, 8am-10am,10am-12noon, 12-2pm and 5pm-8pm daily.
Venue: Dream Centre of LOIC Headquarters, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.
Rev & Rev (Mrs) Olusola Areogun (Hosts)
Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo (Ibadan)
Rev Adeniyi Daniel (Abeokuta)
Rev Akinlolu Raphael (Ibadan)
Rev (Dr.) Francis Olonade (Modakeke)
Rev (Dr.) John Idowu (Ado Ekiti)
Rev (Dr.) John Akpami (Zaria)
Rev (Dr.) Lekan Babatunde (Ibadan)
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Come, all things are yours! Come, all things are ready!!!
Jesus is Lord!


For the next three days, we will look at a few reminders on the subject of prayer as one of the pillars of a victorious Christian life. Mastering how to pray is crucial for a life of victory. Praying involves saying something to someone. It involves opening your mouth and saying something. Jesus said, “When ye pray say…” many people in great prayer meetings just keep crying, “ Jesus, Jesus”, when they are asked to pray while some just get emotional and roll on the ground without saying anything. You must say something.

As powerful as praying in tongues is, there are times that when you really want to pray you must say something to your Father. For instance, if your father calls you and asks you what you need, but you just keep quiet and keep smiling or keep praising him, he can’t give you anything. There are many people that come to the place of prayer and heaven is alert waiting for what they will say, but they just shout and cry Jesus, Jesus. You may think those persons are prayer warriors but heaven is saying they have not said anything. The angels return to God and say, “LORD he actually was just calling Jesus; he said nothing.”

Prayer time is a time to open your mouth; don’t think some people pray in their thoughts. God wants you to open your mouth to pray and ask whatsoever you desire according to His will and you will see the power and possibility available to you in prayer.
PRAYER: I reject the spirit of a complainer. I receive the spirit of grace and supplication resting upon me in Jesus’ name. Amen! 
BIBLE IN A YEAR: 2 Kings 23:31-25:30, Acts 22:17-23:10, Psalm 2:1-12, Proverbs 18:13