When you start contemplating the greatness and success that God has for you, you will understand that the kingdom of God is established on the principles of differences not similarities. Life was designed for differences and you need to recognize these differences to make progress.
Everything functions on this same principle. Effective joining is along the line of differences. Differences are crucial in experiencing true unity. On the other hand, union is built on similarities which eventually leads to separation. Unity encourages you to recognize the difference between you and other people in your life or team because differences awakens you to your need for others but similarities eliminate this need.
When things are different, there is no basis for comparison and this eliminates competitive jealousy and all the evils associated with this. No two humans are the same and no two Christians are the same. Therefore, there is no need for competition. Orange is different from Mango fruit and as a result, none is better than the other. When two things are different, words like “better,” “superior,” “inferior,” etc. cannot be used to compare them. 
Have you ever noticed that God never uses language of comparison because it is uncalled for and they that compare themselves with themselves are not wise. We are different from each other and the earlier we recognize this, the better we are able to appreciate the assignment that others have to do in our lives. Th is why you never find phrases like “the fastest growing church,” “the largest organization,” “the richest assembly,” etc. in the Bible. People who speak like this are immature and don’t recognize the law of differences.

PRAYERLord, help me to recognize the contribution of people that you have placed in my life for my profiting in Jesus’ name.

BIBLE IN A YEAREzekiel 7:1-9:11, Hebrews 5:1-14, Psalm 105:1-15, Proverbs 26:28