If your faith ever obtained healing for a headache, it can work for diabetes. If your faith ever got you 10 Naira, it can get you 10 million Naira, but the problem is that we don’t trust our faith. In your walk of faith, you must follow God to the point that you can trust your faith, put it on the line and push it against something. 
The same way my faith puts food on my table is the same way our church headquarters was built in 18 months. I proved God faithful that if He could give me a meal in those days by faith, He can give me many meals afterwards. If your faith ever got you a divine direction, it can get you another one. Every time you attempt to use your faith, your faith is being tested and proven so that it will not fail in a critical battle. 
You cannot go to battle with untested weapons. Warriors go to battle with weapons they have proven over time; that was why David did not accept the offer to go to war with the armour of Saul. He wasn’t saying it was a bad weapon, he only meant, “I’ve not tested this one, let me go with what I have tested.” 
Today’s passage speaks of trials and tests (not about the temptation of sin) that confront your faith as you live the faith life. When you hold your ground, the virtue of patience that helps you to maintain constancy of purpose for greater divine results will be added to your faith. 

PRAYERLord, I receive grace to stand my ground in the face of trials confronting my faith so that my faith may not fail in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEAREzra 3:1-4:23, 1 Corinthians 2:6-3:4, Psalm 28:1-9, Proverbs 20:24-25