Yesterday, I showed you why it is important for you to always lay down your will at the altar of the Lord. Today by the grace of God, I want to show you from the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, what happens to you and the people around you when you yield your will to the Lord.
JESUS CHRIST was always in the business of doing the will of the Father. On one occasion He sent His disciples to buy food and when they came, they met Him preaching to a lady. They wondered and eventually asked Him whether anyone had brought food for Him but He answered them saying “my will is to do the will of Him that sent me and to finish it”. That was the spiritual diet on which He fed when He was here physically on the earth. That was why He measured up to the height of God for Him. In order to please the Father, among so many other things, He went as far as dying the death of a criminal on the cross.
As far as the Lord Jesus Christ was concerned while he was here on the earth, one of the major priorities to Him was the will of the Father. Before He did anything, He puts the will of the father ahead. That was why Paul the Apostle admonished us in Philippians 2 saying, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ”. The mindset of Jesus at all time is “the will of the Father must be done”. See the outcome of living a life that continually yields His will to the will of the Father:
1. God gave him a name that is above all names (Phil.2:9-11)
2. God anointed Him with the Holy Ghost and Power to save and deliver mankind and
3. God was with Him in all things (Acts 10:38)
4. God approved Him with signs and wonders (Acts 2:22).
5. He enjoyed divine intervention in all unpleasant situations (Acts 2:19-32)
6. When He was coming to the world, angels announced that there will be peace on earth and goodwill of God towards men because of Christ.
You see what God did in, with and through the life of the Lord Jesus because He yielded His will to God- peace and the goodwill of God came to the earth. When Satan exercised his will against God, he became a curse and the Bible declares in the book of Revelation that, “Woe unto the inhabiters of the earth because Satan was cast into the earth”. Yield your will today and you will see God's hand manifest in your life in an unprecedented manner.


PRAYERFather, I submit the power of my will to you, help me to continually align my will to the will of God for my life, and the Word of God in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEAR1 Chronicles 12:19-14:17, Romans 1:1-17, Psalm 9:13-20, Proverbs 19:4-5