Beloved Reader,
You are specially invited to the upcoming Annual God of Breakthroughs Convention (GOBC) 2018 with the theme: "Exceeding Abundantly Above".
Date: July 1st - July 8th 2018 (Sunday - Sunday)
Time: 6am-2pm (4 sessions) and 5pm-8pm daily.
Venue: Dream Centre Headquarters,
Km 4, Gbongan-Osogbo Expressway,
Dream Centre Bus stop,
Osogbo, Osun State,
Rev & Rev (Mrs) Olusola Areogun (Hosts)
Rev Dr. John Idowu (Ado Ekiti)
Rev Dr. Francis Olonade (Modakeke)
Rev Akinlolu Raphael (Ibadan)
Rev Dr. John Akpami (Zaria)
Rev Dr. Lekan Babatunde (Ibadan)
Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo (Ibadan)
Rev Adeniyi Daniel (Abeokuta)
Come, all things are ready!!!
Jesus is Lord!


God has called every individual but that calling cannot be activated unless you are born again.  After salvation, God is committed to placing you in a church family that will prepare you for that calling and destiny. When you discover your calling, make sure you fulfill it because it is a must-do work.  

The devil offered Jesus all the glories of the world in place of His Calling and he will offer to buy your calling too. Don’t exchange the call of God upon your life for anything. Many serious believers have exchanged their callings for something worldly and others have left their callings to pursue their greed. Some people exchange their calling for an earthly status because the devil is all out to buy callings and destinies with anything that entices you. He knows that the only thing you have that gives you the capacity to damage his operations on the earth is in your calling. 

You are only dangerous to the devil in your calling, not in your education or wealth. Your race doesn’t make any difference, it is in your destiny that you have the capacity to do damage to the devil. Therefore, he is hell-bent on incapacitating your calling and destiny. Sometimes, the devil comes through the greed, ego and insecurity of some people to cause them to exchange their destiny and calling.If he can buy you out of your calling with earthly status or seduce you with other offers, he will do it.


PRAYERLord, search my heart and reveal anything that the devil can use to rob me of my calling and destiny in Jesus’ name.


BIBLE IN A YEAR2 Kings 3:1-4:17, Acts 14:8-28, Psalm 140:1-13, Proverbs 17:22