3. You must have a keen sense of divine timing for your life: You must understand that God operates by time with man. There is a time and season apportioned to your life different from somebody else.

It doesn't matter which church you attend, the maximum length of time God expects anybody to operate as a baby is three years and three years' duration is for churches that are more traditional than revelational. If you are a member of a church where there is a strong revelation of the word of God, God expects you to begin to produce fruits as a saint after the first year. In the passage today, the fig tree is a picture of a Christian. Christians who don't produce fruits after the third year usually go around in circles instead of progressing. Problems that unbelievers don't even struggle with, such Christians struggle with them.

Growth is one thing that will deliver people from problems. If you don't grow, you will groan. You must grow spiritually, physically, mentally, etc. For instance, if you are not growing financially in your income you will groan under increased cost of living. The demand of life is increasing and so the strength in your spirit must be growing in order to counter-balance it. If you are not growing, you will come under circumstances and be weighed down. For instance, the longer you are in a marriage, the more you must grow in accommodating each other. God has called us to grow and not to be static. Nobody wants a baby that is not growing. When the saints in the body of Christ refuse to grow, you'll have dwarfs; Mature head with stunted body.


PRAYERLord, let time and chance work in my favour. Let me always be on time with divine schedule in Jesus’ name. Amen!


BIBLE IN A YEAR1 Kings 2:1-3:2, Acts 5:1-42, Psalm 125:1-5, Proverbs 16:25