If you are going to acquire the leadership life, you must study what ability means in every shape and manner. You can’t function in leadership without ability. For example, if you like someone very well and such a person is blind, there is no way you will ask him to drive you. Whether he is your brother or your uncle, he doesn’t have the ability to drive. While you don’t want to make him feel bad, you will disqualify him from driving you. 

From our text, God arranges life such that you are tempted according to ability. That means God Himself will do His best to keep you from what you are not able to handle. However, people push themselves into roles they don’t have abilities for because of emotional ties and that can only lead to destruction. 

Most people don’t respect the word “ability”, so they are not pursuing it diligently and deliberately. Often, God brings opportunities our way to acquire critical skills or knowledge 5 or 10 years before we actually need them. A person that will acquire the leadership life will hunt for opportunities to acquire abilities before he needs them. Most people deliberately go to look for abilities after they have got a title that they lack ability for.

If you become a manager and have to take a managerial course to function in that role, you have missed something critical along the line. You should have acquired the abilities in human relations before you become a manager. That way, you are already a manager by behaviour before you get the title!


PRAYER: Lord I receive divine supplies of every ability that I will need in road of life and destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen!


BIBLE IN A YEARJudges 19:1-20:48, John 3:22-4:3, Psalm 104:24-35, Proverbs 14:22-24