SEPARATION FOR HEARING [Genesis 13:14, Isaiah 6:1-8]



God speaks, but it is not everybody that hears, because they are not separated. For all the years that Lot was in the life of Abraham, the voice of the Lord was absent in Abraham’s life but as soon as Lot was separated, the voice of God came clear. If you want to hear the voice of the Lord clearly, then you must separate from some people. You can’t be listening to the cacophony of the voices of men in which everybody is offering their opinions and expect the voice of God to be clear to you. The higher you are in leadership, the more you must practice separation for hearing clearly.

You can’t afford to sit with people every time and be talking incessantly. You must practice separation for hearing regularly and constantly. In Acts of Apostles chapter 10, they were setting food for Peter when the anointing came and he fell into a trance. His ministry to the gentiles came when he was hungry. What if he decided to wait until after the food? 

You need to separate to hear God. You need to clarify the voices that are speaking to you. There are voices of men, voices of demons, voices of our spirit, voices of our prejudice talking to you. You must separate them from the voice of the Holy Ghost so that you can know exactly what you are doing in life. Sometimes our eyes are on two things and you wonder which is right. Crossed eyes are a problem in the spirit. It is time to separate so you can see clearly.


PRAYER: Lord, I pray for heightened sensitivity and open ears to pick divine signals in Jesus’ name. Amen!


BIBLE IN A YEARJudges 6:1-40, Luke 22:54-23:12, Psalm 95:1-96:13, Proverbs 14:5-6